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Tidy Tip Tuesday: Let there be light switches!

Hi there! Welcome to another Tidy Tip Tuesday! This week, we wanted to bring to your attention an often-overlooked area for smudges and grime: the humble light switch. It is the first thing you reach for when you enter a room. It allows you to illuminate your world. It is also a magnet for oil, germs, and dirt. When you are cleaning, make sure to give your switches some love! It's easy - while you dust, you can just use your microfiber with Dusting Spray, or use a cloth dampened with some Multipurpose Cleaner. Depending on your situation, a quick wipe of the switch (top, sides, and bottom) and the switchplate to sanitize and de-smudge may be enough. If your...

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High Summer Living!

Oh, what a glorious season we're in! The days of warm sun and copious rain have brought forth an explosion of flowers, so all the bees and butterflies are flitting about like mad to gather all that precious nectar and pollen. The milkweed blooms that fed so many pollinators are getting towards the end of their life, with a first few small milkweed pods making their appearance, but so many perennial favorites have sprung into color! Daylilies! Daylilies are everywhere! The soft blue of chicory and white Queen Anne's lace are cheering up the summer roadsides. Echinacea is a favorite of butterflies, as is the bee balm, which also is host to hummingbirds (have you ever heard the charming squeak...

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Refreshing summertime hydration!

Well, between rainstorms, it is a gorgeous summer, isn't it? Beautiful sunshine and gentle breezes - plus the rainbows after the storms! Make sure you are getting out to enjoy this most lush of seasons. We thought that we would offer a couple drink ideas to help you stay hydrated this season, because isn't there just something so refreshing about a tasty bevvy after you've been sweating away on garden or lawn duty? Water is great and all, but you have a lot of fluid to replenish! And while it does feel luxurious to sip a chilled cocktail on an evening patio with the sunset streaking the sky, summer is a thirsty season and you need other things to wet...

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Tidy Tip Tuesday: Don't forget the fans!

Hi there, and welcome to another Tidy Tip Tuesday! The hot weather of summer has us thinking about our fans. Not you, sweet reader (although we always think of you fondly and with gratitude!), but right now we mean the fans that are keeping us cool in this steamy season. There's nothing like a little bit of moving air to make heat and humidity more bearable. It's easy to overlook fans when you are cleaning, whether it's your ceiling fans or a free-standing oscillator. While they are doing the hard work of cooling you down, they often pick up a fair amount of dust! With ceiling fans, the tops, edges, and even the bottoms of the blades can get a...

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Happy Summer from Green Genies!

We've made it, friends, we've made it! It is officially summertime! YES! It's been a cold and rainy slog to get here, but the sun and warmth of summertime has finally won the day. And we are so glad - and we bet that we're not the only ones, either - the honeybees were in a pollen frenzy on the rose bushes this morning, and the dragonflies are flitting about. Plus we are blessed with magical evenings of fireflies. Really, what a stunning season. Make sure you are giving yourself ample chance to enjoy our amazing world in this luscious time of vivacious life.  And yes, we know - sometimes the humidity is overbearing and gross, sometimes the mosquitoes and...

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